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A new plant sharing community.

  • The UK has a strong tradition of plant and seed sharing at a grass-roots level
  • Garden centres and nurseries are typically located out of town and car-centric - not easy, affordable or pratical for most city dwellers without a car
  • Feeling empowered to contribute positively towards healing our environment is now a societal need.

We're currently at the start of development, but check back soon.

Newham's Hidden Gems

The Newham's Hidden Gems map was created to visually communicate the importance of Newham's growing environmental community. These places and the people that make and keep them growing are fundamentally important to Growsie. They bring people together, teach skills and inspire new ideas. They also reduce social isolation, provide nature learning to children, green urban areas and support biodiversity. They are essential social infrastructure to achieving a greener economy.

If you are interested in being involved or would like to learn more.


[email protected]